"Goodbye my last memories,
I hope tommorow better than today" -unknown
"So I thank you thank you thank you, And I love
you love you love you:') " -2PM

Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

It's not over

Sorry for what I've done to you, Can you forgive me?
For you it's over, but for me It's not over ):
I still love you, but you?
All our memories, happiness and loneliness
Tears, smiles, Cry, laugh
Please come back )': I miss you alot
As I've said It's not over, For me "past is past"
If you're disappointed, sorry
I've cried for you, I've laughed for you, I've changed just for you
Now I'm alone because of you, Now I'm alone without you
If I die today, What will you do?
Come after? Or just pretend not affected
I love you after you love me
I wish I'm a grass, So I can cut my self
You're important to me, I don't know If I'll be okay
You traded everything just for me, I never realized that
I love you, I hate you
My only wish for now, To be with YOU
This summer had been, my worst nightmare
With this life of mine, everything had a change
You removed my worries
Now I throwed my dreams
Since I've done this, I'm lonely for a year
My sunshine becomes my night
Plenty lies
You're not here, I'm alone waiting for you to come back
I know, you can tell I love you
I know, you can feel it too
But please, dont leave me ):
Here, because you know I love you :')

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